Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does a high blood platelet count mean?

I recieved the results of a blood test in which they told me I had severe abnormalities and a very high platlet count. They are looking at doing bone marrow tests now. What does all this mean?
an increased platelet count is known as thrombocytosis
high platlet counts can be a sign of advanced or metastatic malignancy
may have an increased risk of forming a thrombus
puts a person at risk for a bleeding episode
some platelets may be abnormal as to not function correctly in the coagulation process
purpura and polycythemia vera and any condition related to blood abnormalities.
High platelet count means that your blood is having too much of the clotting factor that needs to be diluted by an IV fluid to normalize the concentration. bone marrow test would not be needed.
you have a problem, and they need to see why the blood cells are not reproducing properly. There could be so many causes it is impossible to speculate further unless I could see the actual results, but try not to worry. Thousands of people have bone marrow tests each week, just like you. Good luck

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