Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What does it mean when just your toes trun bright red and hot?

That somebody just gave you a hot foot? ha ha

Okay seriously I think I would go visit the doctor.
I'm not really sure. It may be some sort of inflammation, infection or circulatory problems. How about calling your doctor and letting him or her (or the answering service) know about your toes that are hot and bright red and seeing what your physician suggests. Wishing you the best.
yes, I am like that now. It means I have spent way too long on my feet today and I need to rest.
You didn't say if you had any other health problems,but if you are a diabetic you can experiance circulartory problems with your feet and legs.The other is you could have a blood clot,but in both feet is highly unlikely. This also could be afletes foot but that is always accompanied by severe itching between your toes.I would definatly see a doctor if you continue to have these symptoms,as no one can correctly diagnose you on yahoo as were not all MDs.GOOD LUCK!

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